Sandi's TNT Honolulu 2001Update

Aloha and welcome to my Team In Training Honolulu Marathon 2000 webpage. This will be my main source for updating everyone on how I'm doing on my adventure this year. I'm coming back to TNT as a Team Captain this season, so, I'm sure I'll have some new things to share!

Here in Northern California, we are proud to host the #1 Team in Training program in the country, with over 4,000 participants raising over $8 million last year alone.

"Why is she doing this?" you might ask. Well, I'm doing it for a few good reasons...

1.) To raise funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma research. The research is paying off. There is one type of Leukemia that has now been cured through this research. A researcher up north has created a pill that has VERY minimal side effects, and has a 100% cure rate. (Most Leukemia & Lymphoma research advances cross over to benefit patients of other forms of cancer.)

2.) I don't want to lose any more friends to Cancer. Period.

3.) It feels good to be a part of something so wonderful and to be making a difference.

4.) I actually MISS walking those 10, 15, 20 mile walks each Saturday morning. And, I know I have a great team to be accountable to.

No, I'm not crazy...on December 10th, I'll be walking the Honolulu Marathon again...all 26.2 miles of it! Wanna join me? It's not too late!

Please take the time to read through the other parts of this website, look at the pictures over the coming weeks, check out my training & fundraising stats, sign the guestbook. And, please don't forget to check out the "Donate" link. Every dollar that I can help raise brings us one step closer to the cure.

Go Team!


PS: Please feel free to send this link on to your friends. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society can use all the help it can get. Let's find a cure in our lifetime.